Thursday, July 20, 2006

. . . breathing harder.

I found her nailing her breasts to the kitchen table. Calmly, I boiled an egg.

Placing a fresh blade in the scalpel I quickly slashed an opening in my forehead. Looking into the mirror I saw that above my gore-drenched face a new eye glared, unblinking, from the ragged opening. Experimentally I closed my eyes - yes I could still see! Except now I could see so much farther! My bedroom had all but disappeared, beyond its now ghostly walls stretched a lurid landscape. Bitter trees leant over luminous lichen-cloaked shapes. As I watched, horrified yet at the same time entranced, their eyes (so many many eyes!), met mine. Slowly, horribly, I realised that the high-pitched voice that had wavered on the edge of consciousness was my own. Screaming! Screaming so hard I knew that it would never stop! Yet some part of me was able to rise above it, discount it. With my newly realised otherness I discovered a way to stop the irritable sound. Removing my shoes I stuffed both feet into my mouth, without pausing to consider the insanity of this act I used my hands to thrust my body closer to those eyes. With rising excitement I spotted their mouths and other more hypothetical organs. In response I felt my penis stiffen. All at once I knew that this orgasm was going to be my last, but the mouths below the trees assured me it would be worth it.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

A cold sweat streamed from his forehead and his shoulders jerked spasmodically. "Beyond life there are" – his face grew ashen with terror – "things that I cannot distinguish. They move through angles. They have no bodies, and they move slowly through outrageous angles."

The Hounds of Tindalos. Frank Belknap Long

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