Monday, September 22, 2003

A Company of Vagabonds.

(purveyors of Vagabondage)

A society of fugeurs dedicated to forging new and unexpected pathways through city and countryside alike.
Freewheeling psychogeographers intent on uncovering the hidden, the forbidden, the derelict, the subterranean.
We will identify those spaces and places that have slid below the ken of planners, developers, councillors and others intent on crushing the subtle spirit of place. We will forge alliances with other like-minded adventurers, with the intention of spreading the message of the pleasurable negation of grids, fences, private property, danger zones, one way systems, etc.
We will construct our own maps based on such principles as amusement, drunkenness, derangement, chance, telepathy, beauty, concupiscence, etc.
We will endeavour to uncover the high strangeness of place by walking the land, burrowing in library stacks and combing the liminal space between waking and dreaming.
A pair of stout boots, a stick and away...

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