Saturday, May 08, 2004

When everything is ready in the space remove all clothes. Leave the space. Title: The Rapture.
Literature is made at the boundary between self and the world and during the creative act this borderline softens, turns permeable and allows the world to flow into the artist and the artist to flow into the world.

Salman Rushdie
In all my work I was attempting to erase the supposed boundary between dream life and waking life. Because what I do...is to pull out for scrutiny those images or ideas which are visual, visible, but are rendered invisible and therefore marginalised.

Susan Hiller
The most important thing is to believe in what you are doing, even if it is absurd. Most peoples rational consciousness prevents them from doing what they should have blind faith about.

Ed Ruscha 'Leave any information at the signal'
The initial concept for a project often emerges during a walk. As an artist, my position is akin to that of a passerby constantly trying to situate myself in a moving environment. My work is a succession of notes and guides...Each of my interventions is another fragment of the story I am inventing, of the city I am mapping.

Francis Alys

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