Wednesday, May 17, 2006

"...I prefer, by far, real islands to imaginary islands, just as I prefer prime documents to novelistic remakes. Thats because the real is richer than the imagination. The real demands investigation and is an invitation to sensitive knowledge, whereas the imaginary is more often than not just a collection of stereotypes, a soup of cliches offering an infantile kind of satisfaction. Then a relationship to the real and its resistance requires change in thought, in ways of being, in ways of saying, it leads to a transformation of the self. Whereas imagination is nothing but compensation. There's even something horribly autistic about sitting in one spot and spinning out invention by the yard. How much more interesting an open and poetic process involving contemplation, study, movement, meditation and composition!"

Kenneth White from 'Around Corsica' in 'Across the Territories'

"In the Renaissance the artist again begins to express 'self' at the expense of the integrative function. This moment marks the opening of the 'Romantic' trajectory, the artists disappearance from the social, the artworks disappearance from life."

Hakim Bey from 'The Palimpsest'

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