Monday, March 24, 2003

A Company of Vagabonds Friday 21st March 2003

A Report on the first inaugural trip of the above company.

‘I am a God who sets the head afire with smoke.’

The group took the train to Milngavie, a few miles north of Glasgow. From there they took the Baldernock Road and found themselves in a delightful setting, consisting of narrow lanes bordered by mature Ash trees. A burnt-out people carrier was the first point of interest, causing much comment.
Further on they encountered a converted Mill, nestled amongst more fine trees. From here it was a slow gradient up to the Craigmaddie Muir itself. They ascended through a slurry-strewn field. Someone commented that it was a particularly unpleasant and chemical-smelling experience. Even for the countryside.
After some sage words from the locals concerning the resident bull we arrived at the first stop on our quest, the ‘Auld Wives Lifts’. This antediluvian relic was met with much amazement, as its brobdinagian girth was a surprise to all.
The three massive pieces of grey schist sit in the midst of a natural ‘amphitheatre’. As an altar it was indeed impressive. Discussion ensued as to the likelihood of this being a man-made structure. Everyone hoped that it was.
It was noted that the stones were covered with an array of carved inscriptions, most of these stated simply, ‘I was here’, or versions thereof. But there was a collection of around eight (on cursory examination) rather odd ‘heads’. These had the look of being ancient indeed.
After a short visit to the adjoining fairy pool, almost everyone decided to crawl widdershins through the gap in the stones, thereby ensuring their ability to produce children.
To be continued...

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