Tuesday, May 06, 2003

I'm going to arrange another walk. This one will be to St Peters seminary near Cardross. It looks a bit like a post-apocalyptic shopping centre that is being slowly swallowed by Mother Nature. Its very beautiful.
Last time I was there I recorded myself making the sound of a screaming rabbit by blowing hard on a piece of grass held between both thumbs. The acoustics in the ruined building were great. Somehow the sound conjured up the spirit of all those masturbating priests. Sitting in their little wallpapered cells dreaming of some impossibly slutty girl (or boy). Sheets stiff with guilty spunk.
Nowadays the rooms are covered in satanic graffitti.
Apparently the place closed due to a change in policy at the Vatican. Trainee priests could no longer be indoctrinated in a beautiful sylvan setting but would have to rough it on some awful sink estate. It now rests in a kind of official limbo. It can't be knocked down, but its too far gone to be saved. Oh the irony!


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