Wednesday, January 07, 2004

COELACANTH ANTIQUARIAN BOOKS est. 2003 in Dennistoun, Glasgow.

Recommended titles:

Masonic Catholicism Unveiled Marie Lawrie
The Hordes of Hades
The Dennistoun Perambulator
Bygones Series: A Map of East Glasgow
St Kentigerns Tomb Marie Lawrie

Popular Studies in Folklore & Romance (5 volumes):
The Anseiratic Mysteries Lady Sarah Lowndes
The Dennistoun Working Capt William Bradley
The Key to the Sex Question Dr Francis McKee
The Language of Flowers Mr Neil Mulholland
The Occult Roots of Marxism The Very Reverend Leigh French

Eulis! Marie Lawrie
The Dennistoun Contrarian
Bygone Dennistoun Eric Eunson
On Smoking, Drinking and Shagging Michael Scot
To Know, To Will, To Dare, To Keep Silent Marie Lawrie
The Eightfold Way
Flashman and the Doley Scumbags GM Fraser
A Map of Heaven
A Psychotopology of Dennistoun and Environs

a site-specific project for Market Gallery, Dennistoun, Glasgow, as part of the 'Blink' series.

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