Tuesday, September 07, 2004


satellites pinging and tumbling overhead / the view from Tap O' Noth / alcoholics getting an extra £21 on their dole (according to the woman in the shop) / abandoned crofts / rich Belgians in the big house (Clova House) / gutted rabbits by the roadside / bad sculpture extra creamy gold top ice cream from Rizza's cafe (Huntly) / felt skulls in the sky (Stuart Gurden) / a broken sword / drunken, dying wasps / crunchy rissotto / souterrains / a vitrified fort / Barbour bedale / The Pursuit of the Millenium found in a charity shop in Huntly / venison and red wine sausages / ex-performance artists / hedgehog mushrooms / a light in the hills / September sunshine / my daughter missing me / R in funding limbo / Brenda and Wullie: 25 years in the Lumsden Arms / Mrs Pratt / the shop, the garage and the pub are all closing / Droolian Cope: The Modern Antiquarian / a new agey kinda vibe / A Pilgrim's Progress / The Crystal World / The Hobbit / Terry Riley / doing drawings that might or might not be good (and not knowing) / missing U and R

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