Sunday, March 30, 2003

From here it was decided to head across the grim, heathery expanse of the Muir to the nearby Lennox Castle Asylum for Mental Defectives (now defunct).
We became lost amidst the featureless expanse of a Forestry Commission plantation, but eventually located the Asylum. This was a very imposing building, which was unfortunately in very bad repair indeed. Nevertheless we gained entrance and proceeded to the top, via a decidedly rickety iron fire escape. Stunning views of the nearby Campsie Hills were noted.
The interior contained rooms tiled entirely in institutional green. Whatever happened here was unlikely to have been pleasant. Rumours of a full-scale riot having taken place will be investigated.
Adjoining this place were the remains of an even older building. A crumbling stone keep of indeterminate age it had been thoroughly entwined by the limbs and roots of several ancient trees.

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