Saturday, August 16, 2003

REYKJAVIK: Small-scale corrugated city. A prime minister and a president who resemble ageing hairdressers. The permanent snake of traffic down the main street. (everyone window-shopping from their vehicle) Beautiful girls. 1970's Icelandic conceptual art. Obligatory drunkeness (and a schizophrenic attitude towards booze). A liquorice and chocolate combination which (almost) excuses the bad attitude towards our cetacean friends. The smoker on Tysgata (If, as I am reliably informed, he has been smoking in his doorway for 10 years that must be, by my count 72800 fags. We went to sleep and awoke to the sound of his emphesemic cough). A mountain at the end of every street. Arctic Terns. An obsessive and unhealthy car culture (walking is actively discouraged). Fish, lamb and potatoes to die for. An unhealthy obsession with Dieter Roth.

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